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You find yourself stuck in a cave whilst your searching for a missing scientist Dr Patrick Ottoboni. Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the Dr. whilst trying to escape your inevitable fate. There are eight pages around the cave system to learn the fate of Dr Patrick Ottoboni and how to defeat the monster that is Lurking In The Dark. The Idea of the game is for the player to build up the knowledge on the story and the monster to figure out how to kill it.  Compleating this goal means you win the game.

How To Play:

Explore the cave system to find notes that have been left behind. Use the information within the notes to figure out how to defeat the monster. 

The large pulse (Right Click) will alert the monster of your position and it will hunt you down. The trade off of this is that you can see more of the map.

Breathing in will hide you from the monster but will totally blind you.

The notes are scattered around the map and glow a bright white so you can't miss them. To collect the notes just walk into them.


  • Keyboard & Mouse
    • Menu
      • Left Click - Select Menu Option
    • Game
      • Left Click  - Breath In
      • Right Click - Large echolocation pulse
      •  WASD - Movement
      • Mouse Position - Look
      • SpaceBar - Jump
      • Esc - Bring Up Notes
      • Left Arrow - Change Page Down
      • Right Arrow - Change Page Up
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    • Menu
      • X - Change Menu Selector Up
      • B - Change Menu Selector Down
      • A - Make Selection
    • Game
      • ZL - Breath In
      • ZR - Large echolocation pulse
      • Left JoyStick - Move
      • Right JoyStick - Look
      • B - Jump
      • X - Bring Up Notes
      • Y - Change Page Down
      • A - Change Page Up

Key Notes:

For the best experience play on hard mode and have sound on!!

To see where game assets were sourced from please refer to the documentation .pdf download

If  you have found any bugs or any improvements please let me know in the comments.

StatusOn hold
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Horror
Average sessionA few seconds


Lurking In The Dark Report_DavidTaylor.docx 347 kB
Lurking In The Dark.zip 52 MB


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Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it but it needs some work or maybe i missed up a little bit xD  i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Hi, My fault I forgot to add the section that explains the mechanics ( the How to play section above) but you figured out most of them anyway.  Thanks for the video it was really fun to watch!!

Thank you i'm really glad you liked it :)